Sherrie S. - Dana Point

“Working with Sonya was a pleasure. She was very professional. We hired Sonya because we felt she really knew what we wanted for our dream home. She definitely succeeded! I highly recommend her.”

Rick G. Architect – Newport Beach

“Sonya and her team at Fortune Design are a pleasure to work with. I have collaborated with her on numerous projects and she seems to always come up with great and insightful ideas and solutions. Her client focus approach and attention to detail produces excellent results. And she's very positive and fun to work with!”

Justin E. - Irvine

“I highly recommend Fortune Design if you’re looking for a very professional, on time and amazing design work. I would have to say the amount of compliments I get on the work that was done really says it all. The owner Sonya was very responsive to any of my needs.”

Cathy B. - Newport Hieghts

“I was contemplating a remodel for our darling Newport Heights Cottage. I wanted to utilize the small space that we had to create a larger presence. She was meticulous at measuring and creating plans of our existing footprint and then offered me several options for me to choose from. She is very detailed in all that she does from the interview process right down to the billing. I was presented a detailed schedule for each phase of the project. She met all of my expectations and I appreciate that she was on time and valued my time as well. I look forward to working with her in the future.”

Cathy S. – Huntington Harbor

“Wonderful service, from start to end.

Sonya Zamora has a great passion for what she does and this shines through in her consultations. She helped me change my own ideas of what I wanted which resulted in a stunning room with much more depth, personality and color, yet staying with my neutral colors.

To accentuate the rooms she chose bold and exciting furniture and fabrics to add texture and dimension. She truly is an artist. I would not have picked a lot of the things personally but her gentle persuasion paid off and I have the most stunning rooms.

I highly recommend her.”

Dottie S. - Dana Point

“My client and I hired this firm for a complete remodel, approximately 3600 sq feet. Sonya’s design and finish selections were wonderful. I worked as the project manager on this job and enjoyed working with this very professional and knowledgeable designer.

Sonya's attitude and bright smile was always uplifting at the job site meetings and her ability to work with contractors and code knowledge was indispensable. This was a fun project for me to work on.”

Rosemarie C. - Castaways, Newport Beach

"When I decided that I was ready to sell my home last year, I knew I was going to have to make some changes in order to realize my desired sale price. Although I knew that I was able to recognize good design and appealing aesthetics, I didn’t have the time or the expertise to create it. I turned to Sonya Zamora of Fortune Design.

After taking the time to listen to what I wanted, which was for the house to look like a beautiful, lived in model home for very little money, Sonya expanded on my ideas and requirements with suggestions that I had not considered. She dove into my project with enthusiasm; seeking out and discovering amazing finds with surprising touches at affordable prices from her many resources, all while keeping my colors, design intent and preferences in mind. She was even able to take things I already owned and just by changing the paint/fabric or location make them work like they had been designed for the space. It has always been my belief and experience that when one has a large budget and plenty of time it isn’t that challenging to create something beautiful. The challenge comes in when both of these elements are limited, and this is when real talent and imagination are required. Sonya transformed my home from one that was eclectic and disjointed to a true showpiece that I looked forward to retreating to each and every day.

Somewhat reluctant now because of the beautiful transformation of my home, I listed my home on the market for more than what other homes were selling for in my neighborhood. After all, in this economy, there would be plenty of time to find my next dream house while waiting for a qualified buyer to come in with an acceptable offer. My home had two offers and sold in two weeks!

I did find and purchase a new house which, unlike my first project with Sonya, is going to be completely renovated and with that come many challenges. Once again, I have turned to Fortune Design as I know that, with Sonya, we will turn this house into an inspirational home that I will never want to leave. Sonya is a joy to work with and a professional who produces extraordinary results."

John and Michelle C. - Newport Heights

"On several occasions I have had the privilege of working with Fortune Design in both California and Arizona. They facilitated multiple interior design projects from conception to installation in a timely and thorough manner. When challenged with time constraints and revisions (by us), they were handled in a professional and adaptive manner, always completing the tasks at hand. 

Throughout all stages, we were afforded the opportunity to become involved as much as desired and were kept abreast of all developments as they occurred. The work was completed within the established budget and installation was meticulously managed. 

In particular, Sonya was always professional, attentive and sensitive to our tastes, which is very subjective by nature. She listened to our input and submitted design and material options which were within these parameters. Even with the changes in trends and styles, we still receive compliments.

Our experience with Fortune Design was very positive."

John M. - J.S. Morgan Construction

"I have worked with Fortune Design on several projects, introducing Sonya to my own customers for interior design, furniture and space planning services. In particular, the team was extremely effective in collaborating with two of my Hummer dealership clients in choosing color and finish materials in order to coordinate with the existing style of the building as well as the design criteria set by the Hummer brand. Fortune Design was extremely successful in striking a perfect balance with their design that met both the needs of the owner of the building as well as the guidelines set by the manufacturer, all while keeping the budget in mind.

The Hummer brand has since been discontinued and a different dealership has taken over both spaces, however, both design installations are still in service today which speaks clearly of the professional attention to detail Fortune Design brought to the original projects.

After working with Fortune Design and witnessing their ability to work as a team to provide the best service possible in order to meet the needs and demands of my client, I would recommend Fortune Design for any commercial project."

Michael G. - Sperry Van Ness Property Management

"I was fortunate to discover Sonya Zamora of Fortune Design, truly a wonderful talent. I have come to recognize her abilities, valued design solutions and budget conscious alternatives. It is rare to find a talented designer that listens first, expresses creativity, formulates the plan and presents the vision at a level that everyone can understand.

Fortune Design has worked for my past and current firm on several tasks and has shined on each occasion. It is critical for a brokerage company that specialies in office/industrial properties to be a leader in the industry and to be timeless with our choices. Fortune Design has been innovative, creative and fashionable!

I would highly recommend Fortune Design for your next project. I believe Sonya and her team would be a tremendous asset to your company and they clearly have my highest recommendation."

Trish C. - Coldwell Banker Previews International (Fashion Island)

"I have worked with Sonya Zamora at Fortune Design on several projects over the last 10 years and am always impressed by the superior level of customer service, professionalism and quality results that are a consistent factor when working with this firm. I have recommended her to several of my clients and the results are always outstanding.

I look forward to continuing this mutually beneficial working relationship; I think Fortune Design is one of the finest design firms on the west coast."

Dana D. - Newport Heights

"Our remodel project consisted of a complete renovation of our entire house. It was extensive and changed our home from a 1980's look to a contemporary home that we love. The exceptional service that my husband and I received from Fortune Design is beyond compare. Sonya Zamora was able to take our ideas and transform them into realities. She is collaborative without being overwhelming. Her work is extremely creative, innovative and individualized to reflect each clients personal style. Sonya was a consummate professional from the beginning to the end of the project. She met all challenges with enthusiasm and kept the energy going. Sonya also makes sure that she keeps her client's need and budget first. Fortune Design is a joy to work with and I highly recommend them to anyone!"

Brian F. - Newport Beach

"Fortune Design was professional in all regards, and after four years we are still receiving compliments on the design."

Marci S. - Laguna Beach

"Fortune Design performed the design work, space planning, and installation of my husbands office in Laguna Beach and did an amazing job! Everyone who came to the office was always impressed with how beautiful it was. We started from absolute bare bones and ended up with a masterpiece. Sonya was always on-time and found us the best value on our furniture purchases. We would definitely use Sonya again if we had an opportunity!"